franceshaslove said: Hey Sofia how did you begin your process to losing weight? What machines do you use?

Hey, well the key to losing weight in my opinion is motivation. We can all change our ‘diet’ and start exercising 5-6x a week but as long as your consistent you’ll see results. I began changing my mindset and my eating habits (which can be bad), so I did that. Then I started running and realized I hate that (not saying it’s bad to run). Now I workout in my basement 5-6 x a week. I do a variety of exercises, I usually incorporate 20-25 mins cardio (Jump rope) with a lower body, or upper body workout on FitnessBlender (They’re a youtube channel with almost 1000 free full length workout videos). Only equipments I have are dumbells. besides that, It took me awhile to realize what type of routine works for me.

As far as diet goes, I just avoid extremely processed junk food & fast food most of the time. I still have my carbs, fats, proteins, simple sugars every day. 

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3 months apart