Having all season of South Park saved in my comp is just da BOMB.
Just had some pizza.

I didn’t have the same satisfying feeling I usually get eating this pizza. I’m not trying to sound like a fat pussy but all I could think about were the cows. Meat is nothing but gross to me but now cheese/milk/butter etc is just as equal imo. PLUS my body feels weird eating this….

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Falen was one of my favorites she was really pretty when she got dressed up


At the reunion she was looking real nice when Mehgan punched her in the face

Officially a Vegan.

I found the light lol. My friends made a joke of it and don’t think it will last long but I stopped giving a fuck what they thought a long time ago. Making decisions for myself and not others because at this point I’m over the people I surround myself with everyday. At the end of the day I still love them but if they choose to make the wrong choices I no longer have to take part in it or stop them.

I remember when my grade 5 teacher was telling us how we’re natural born omnivores. I feel like I was brainwashed to believe all types of shit and now that I learned about diet and what’s best for my body I kinda feel dumb. Idk it’s weird. My body feels better now that I REDUCED my meat intake. (I cut out red meats) I was already told today that I’m already looking healthier. The funny part of it all is, is that I’m not starving myself. I’m not eating in a caloric deficit, no more small eating windows for me. I’ll eat whatever I want but not binge. 

I have a lot of respect for vegetarians now that I realized how bad meat is for some of us

The only way I got through my weight loss was not focusing on the superficial things like my body and how much weight I was losing per week. Get rid of the measuring tape and scale and think about how much healthier you’re getting and trust me the results come way faster. I remember doing this method (unintentionally) about a month before ramadan (2013) and after about 3 weeks go by I was complimented by everyone saying how I’m so much thinner and whatever and I didn’t notice it at all till I actually was measuring myself. That feeling you get when you feel like you accomplished something is much better than waiting and waiting and waiting for results that aren’t going to happen overnight..

I slipped up, I smoked another cigarette however I still don’t feel like I crave them anymore. Also, I’m not eat red meat anymore.. (I never liked it anyway unless it was in a cheeseburger) but yeah. I really want to look into yoga or pilates cause I want to try something different.

*mr mackey voice*